All bodies and all healing processes are different, so keep in mind that healing times may differ from person to person, but also from placement to placement!

For all piercings apply the same basic ‘rules‘:
-No touching or twisting (like ever), this will only cause bacteria to enter the piercing.
-Do not remove any scabs since this will only cause the piercing to start bleeding, swelling and irritating again.
-Disinfect with a salt solution for 2 weeks 2x per day. Don’t use any disinfection with alcohol since this is way too intense for your fresh piercing. Use the blue piercing spray (€5) from our shop, or a sterile salt solution of the pharmacy.
-No Sauna, Swimming or Tanning bed for 2 weeks.
-Ideally taking a shower instead of a bath for the first week.
-In the full healing time, try to avoid sleeping on the unhealed piercing and try to avoid wearing tight clothing.

For tongue and other inner mouth piercings:
-After every meal, rinse with a mouthwash (also available at our shop €5)
-Avoid spicy food
-Cold food is fine, but not too much
-Tongue piercings usually can be changed after about 2 weeks (but depends from person to person), other inner mouth piercings will need about 3 months as other piercings!

Other piercings:
-Usually can be changed after 3 months (some more delicate piercings can take up to 6 months or more)
-Do keep in mind changing is no good idea before the piercing has fully healed!