On appointment only at the moment! Before making an appointment, please read all measurements on the appointment page!

Welcome on the Piercing website of Hell tattoo Leuven, a piercing & Tattoo shop located in the center of Leuven, Belgium.

All our piercings are pierced with quality internally threaded titanium jewelry. It is not possible to pierce with a ring, since this does not improve the healing process.

We do have silver, rose gold, gold and black balls in most sizes available as first jewelry.

Also it is possible to order some more expensive gold jewelry to upgrade your piercing.

Our piercer is currently available on the following days:

Monday 11h – 18h

Tuesday: 11h – 18h

Wednesday 11h – 18h

Thursday 11h – 18h

Friday 11h – 18h

Saturday 11h – 18h

Sunday: Shop Closed

For more information about our shop, please visit www.helltattooleuven.com